The three simple words, find the time, have spawned an inspirational movement reminding people the world over to make time each day for themselves, their family and their friends. This refreshing movement is reassuring workaholics that their most productive work will be accomplished following periods of rest. It is reminding parents that their children will take their first steps only once. It is enticing adults to continue pursuing the dreams of their youth while encouraging children to dream big. The find the time movement is reminding everyone that time off is not a luxury but a necessity. These three simple words are evolving into a rallying point, a ubiquitous phrase, and the philosophical foundation for a way of life. The movement is reminding everyone that the one gift you receive at birth is time. You will never have more of it than you have today. find the time.

The transformation to a find the time lifestyle is accomplished through three simple steps.

  • Acknowledge that finding the time is a constructive necessity.
  • Find the time, today.
  • Repeat tomorrow.

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