What makes a find the time hero?

Each find the time hero will encompass many attributes. Foremost, they are broadly defined as individuals who proclaim that finding the time is neither, a guilty pleasure, nor a guilty evil. Rather, it is a necessary pleasure, which is a precursor to their utterly successful, personal and business lives.

Do you know someone who epitomizes the find the time lifestyle? Nominate them as a find the time hero so they can help others find the time.

1. All submissions must include nominees contact information including name, email, phone number, and a brief description explaining to us why they are your Find the Time hero.
2. findthetime.com has the right to use provided information to contact nominees.
3. By submitting you agree that findthetime.com can use your name on its site as the nominating individual.
4. All nominees chosen as find the time heroes will be profiled on findthetime.com.
5. Each person profiled will receive a find the time t-shirt of their choice.

Find the Time-Heroes
MC Jenni

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